Changing the nature of my blog

The original intent of this blog over a year ago was a quest to have a bit of fun trying out get rich online schemes and document my progress as frequently as possible.  It was inspired by the movie “Julie and Julia” where around 2002 Julie Powell started a blog where she was on a quest to just try out one recipe out of Julia Child’s cook book everyday.  Julie Powell spent full time to keep the discipline of trying out the recipes and updating her blog.  I was attempting to do this blog part time.  As you can see it’s been a really really long time since I’ve done anything remotely related to making money.

So I had been thinking for sometime to start changing the title and theme of this blog as the content does not at all match what the title says.  Certainly, it all is consistent with the concept of being a middle aged man and certainly quite low in energy and motivation to do very much.  But I really am now too tired to bother trying these get rich online schemes.

And this past week my web hosting provider seems to have made the final blows by seeming to put all kinds of technical road blocks hurdles and even mine fields to discourage me.  So after a week of a lot of my time and energy starting to do the technical work it takes to upkeep an independent blog, I have pulled out the surrender flag.  My energy level is no match for bad technical support.  My website’s technical support seems to have joined the ranks of many other IT technical support I’ve grown accustomed to.  They do whatever it takes to keep up their metrics to turn over and dispense with support requests as best they can.  And when they mess up, they do whatever it takes to place the fault back at you.  And when they are a bit over their heads they stall.  And in the end it feels like a Laurel and Hardy  “Who’s on First” comedy routine where I feel like I’m talking with a computer program that has no common sense but predictable procedures to dispense with me rather than competent human beings with common sense.

The end result is I’m really tired, my website has been down for about 40% of the time this past week and now it’s backup but crippled and with a new look I never intended.

So I was about to see about restoring the original look and theme, but I stopped in frustration and started to see how this new accidental look seems much better suited for my new look.  I think all of these hardships and frustrations that I’ve experienced trying to keep my blog website up and running have sent a message to me that it’s time to let go of things and change.

And so for now I’ll keep this current look, which is the default canned-package look of the blog template  I choose when I set up this blog.  What this means is that quite possibly there are other blogs out there that look identical in appearance to this one, because they chose the same template I did.  But that’s OK.

In the meantime I’m thinking about how to change the “Quests of a worn out disillusioned middle aged man to give a shot at some get rich online schemes”  Some things I want to start considering is how this blog plays against my other websites and  All three together have come to better express who I am in 3 dimensions.

So I’m a tired middle aged man.  But I’m multi-dimensional and so while one shell of me has grown ever more tired and is shedding away other parts of me are actually growing in energy.  So I’ll still be but just not focused on get rich online schemes anymore.

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