Give me more time and I’ll be less productive

I’ve taken off several days of vacation thinking I’ll catch up on things or make some serious headway in launching my first website following the Michael Jones process, but alas I’m having serious doubts now.  I’m starting to realize that the holiday time during the end of the year is a becoming just a time to go into a time warp where I’m watching things I want to accomplish before year end just slip away. I guess it’s me being kind of burnt out and instead of  using my extra time during my days off from work to push forward, I’m using the time to catch my breath.  I most certainly am not “vegging” out.  But probably “vegging” out would be the best for me.

The analogy I see is like when a car is stuck in mud.  The driver could stress out impatiently and spin his tires and get nowhere.  Or the driver could just sit there relax, ponder a bit and get nowhere.  I think I’m like that car at times and I may just need to sit there and wait for someone to help or for the mud to dry up and use the time to get my mind in order.

So in the end, even though it seems like I’m not moving, it’s all good.

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