Grateful and Appreciative of Events Over Past 7 Years

Recently I went to something called the Furr Festival at a local park. It featured lots of cute dogs a few of which reminded me of Muffin.  I also recently found a new job with an employer that’s much closer to where I live so now the possibility of maybe adopting a new dog is now opening.  I did bump into a 4 month old rescue dog that was Maltese and I swear she melted my heart.

But I digress because the real purpose of this blog entry is for me to start laying out events that I once thought terrible were actually playing key roles in my growth.  It started out with me almost getting laid off in 2010, which opened my mind to attending the BBSH (Barbara Brennan School of Healing) in Miami, FL.  Then I managed to stay employed with my first employer DuPont so that I could afford the tuition for BBSH as well as get 5 weeks of paid vacation a year that I needed to attend the 5 weeks of required classes per year.  It was a perfectly timed setup.

So I attended BBSH and met in person it’s founder Barbara Brennan.  It was the last time Barbara would ever show up in person, so my timing was “fortuitous” in showing up at that last time Barbara would have been available to meet.  Then I started to join the Pathwork program and received enough space to allow me to take one year off from BBSH — join back up with the school and graduate having the daughter of Barbara Brennan be one of my teachers.  I appreciate that closure starting with Barbara herself and ending with Barbara’s daughter.  It also turned out the year I would graduate became the the last time the BBSH school stayed in Miami which had been it’s longest standing configuration of over 10 years.  The year after I left, the school went thru large changes and downsizing.  So I’m so grateful I graduated BBSH the Summer of 2015.

So I’m grateful the universe made sure BBSH didn’t change until after I graduated. Looking back it also seemed that the universe also decided to hold off two other hard events from happening until after I graduated.  A few months later my dear Muffin died


Then a couple months later I got laid off from, DuPont, my place of employment of over 26 years


Those were sad and scary times for me.

I managed to find employment a few months later with a medium sized accounting software company.  Being a new employee again really put me under the test to really work out the agility and tenacity of my work ethic so that it became very clear to myself that I had become an employee at least worth my salary in the market place.  This I believe seasoned me further to more easily resign from that same employer just one year later to seek even better opportunities for me that were closer to where I live.

Now I’m working with a new employer — the 3rd employer of my career.  One thing I notice with this employer, the previous employer and even with DuPont before I left was that the new norm is that one only gets a maximum of 4 weeks of vacation a year.  In the past that would not have been enough for me to have been able to attend the 5 weeks of class a year for BBSH. So once again I am drawn to go to my knees and bow before the universe that so kindly offered me the final years of life with DuPont to have the necessary 5 weeks of vacation a year to attend the 5 weeks of schooling a year that BBSH requires as well as haven been able to afford to pay for BBSH and do this all before my life would get shaken in the few months after I graduated from BBSH.

Life has in the end been good to me … despite also having been rather scary to me.

Namaste my dear Lord.  Namaste and Thank You for the “fortuity” but even more Namaste as I start to see more of the “wisdom” of the scary and harsh events that have been sent  my way with timing so close in precision with my ability to meet them that it seem that they were in no uncertain terms NOT accidental but very deliberate, planned and intentional.


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