I managed to settle down and get smarter again

So today I found myself at work doing lots of computer upgrades and relearning how to work with a Microsoft SQL database I had started to forget how to use.  After about some 5 hours in the office racking my memory cells I was able to relearn some technical skills I had forgotten.  So once I got back home, it was like some old brain cells got revived and I started feeling smarter again.

I almost felt as smart as I was a few years ago when I was working full time as a techie website administrator.  So I got brave and decided to service the blog software (wordpress) behind my blogs.  I relearned how to properly update my wordpress blogs as well as wordpress plug-ins.  Fortunately, I had taken good notes from a year ago that told me where the non-obvious snafus and hiccups would occur.

A was slightly disturbed to find that newer software upgrade had added new features, deleted old features, and rearranged other features.  These kinds of inconsistencies let me know that in time my notes would eventually become obsolete and that the health of my website requires me to regularly and carefully coordinate the upgrade of different software modules.  Despite the fact that my brain felt smarter the upgrade still had newer hiccups and snafus.  I’m so thankful I was able to perform the upgrade, because honestly it is far from what I could call easy.

I almost need a full time IT person to keep up my websites.  Well for now I’m too poor/cheap to pay for any IT support that I can still do myself.  I also still don’t trust the competency of most IT services.  So for now my brain still seems fairly competent, and I am still computer self sufficient.

So I wonder again as I start getting older is my brain going to get dumber or is it just that computerized things are going to get more and more complicated?

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