Money making scheme addict

OK I need to come clean and let you know. I think I’m a bit of a money making scheme addict. I read about someone elses fortune get a bit jealous and start saying to myself “gosh darnit” I can do that. I read how an eleven year old is making money from an iPhone flash card app he made. Then how someone hired someone to write a gratitude journal. “Damn it, I can do that.” I get motivated and I plunk down $99 to become a iPhone developer, start watching all the hours upon hours of training videos and several weeks later I’ve stopped and lost steam moving focus into easier money making ventures. Then I get an email on making money not making phone apps but selling them.

Inevitably I bit.  I mean it was only $30.  But then as I was about to make my $30 purchase another screen popped up with a special marketing offer to help bring traffic to the $30 website I was buying.  Another $30.  Well makes sense. Why worry about how to bring traffic to my website when someone else will do it for me for $30.  Then when I spend that $30, I get another special limited time offer.  For $40 I get special tall ads placed throughout the internet to further draw people to my website.  Oh that sound good, so now I’ve spent $100 total.  Hmmm??  How did $30 turn to $100?  And then another page comes up with something like:  “Hold on.  Before you complete your order you we would like to offer you an exclusive offer offered that will double the increase of traffic to your website. Hmmm. For an extra $99 I could be making $100,000 a month instead of $10,000 a month.  Things start to feel fishy.  But there’s this 30 day money back guarantee on everything.  I decide to skip the extra $99 and settle for being the poor schmuck that makes a mere $10,000 a month. And it’s on a credit card so that I can dispute if it’s fraud.  Eventually I quite and get my money back.  I’ve repeated this pattern more than once.

What always got to me was that things are harder than it seems. But to be fair to the get rich schemes I don’t quite put up the effort.  I think that it’s not so much the risk of getting scammed, but the risk of wasting your increasingly valuable time going nowhere and feeling more and more discouraged.  If a get rich scheme says you only need to spend 10 hours a week, it’s probably more like 20 hours, but then I usually put in 2 hours the 1st week, 30 minutes the 2nd and get distracted.  So I really can’t fairly poke holes at these schemes until I put in effort.

So this blog is about keeping me on track to be disciplined and try things out as I’m instructed to do.  If I slack or fall off it will show up in gaps in my blog. No more doing a little of this, quitting, a little of that, quitting, some of that, quitting,  some of this, etc.  Focus.  Steadfastness.  Discipline.  Nothing excessive, just keep walking.

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