Took the Initiative to Lose My Job and Lost my Job in 2 hours!

Monday was a wierd day to say the least.  I was advised to contact my boss about strange events that were happening to my job.  It’s like if I never took the initiative to contact my boss, I would still have my job.  But I did take the initiative and he responded by doing his best to get back to me in a timely fashion and apologetically hand me my walking papers.  What?!

But anyway the way I was told what had unfolded in some ways sounded like two organizations flexing their political muscle.  One side asks the other side to take me on as a permanent employee. That side says no and since you insulted us by asking us that question we’ll stop paying for his services in 2 months.  There that will teach you to threaten us.  So now are you going to sa sorry.

The other side says.  Ha.  Say sorry no way!  No what we’ll do is take him back today so he can’t do any more work for you. So you can save your stinking two months of pay, because we don’t want it.  And to teach you a lesson, we are going to set him up to get unemployed.  Ha. There you go!  Now who’s sorry.  That’ll teach you.  Next time when we ask you to take someone into your organization you’ll do it or lose that person immediately.

And it’s me who’s just a pawn in this political beauracratic mess.  And all anyone can do is apologize, and shrug their shoulders.  I’m being layed off not because there is no work for me, not because they don’t have the funds to pay for me, and not because I’m not highly appreciated and valued.  I’m being layed off just because.  Eh. Why not.  Monday’s are usually boring. Let’s lay off someone today to bring in some excitment. That’s all.

I only mention this experience because it’s just more of he sign of the times of people somehow unintentionally being dishonest with you.  Like a President who fervantly campaigns for a cause and then quiet in the mix abandons the campaign.  The reasons aren’t quite known.  But yet this kind of disconnected behavior is more of the sign of the times.

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