And I sink yet lower today

So yesterday I was agonizing after being rejected during a phone interview for one job.  Then I found myself frantically trying to contact another person for an update on one of the jobs I originally thought I was a shoe in for.

I tried to call again and again, but got no return phone calls.  Which is a bad sign.  It’s a sign that they are trying to avoid you because they are in the midst of making a decision that does not involve you in their picture.

And so rather promptly and abruptly I got a phone call letting me know they don’t want me.  They described there were many strong candidates, but in the end someone else had many years of experience in a computer system I never used before.  It certainly gave me a feeling that I may not have even been number two in consideration.  In their “optimistic” voice they said they were sure I’d find another job, but a voice was crying inside of me that “NO NO! I really don’t think I have another job.  THIS WAS IT!! NO”

I must face the even more real possibility that I’m going to be unemployed.

I’m devastated once again.

And my boss started asking me to do more tasks, and I’m in a daze.  What?  I see my replacement happy and eager to get up to speed and take over my job.  There were a few times I was fighting back tears.

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