Fantastic Job Interview turns into Devastating rejection

So today I was smarting over an phone interview for a job that I didn’t think I had much of a chance.  I gave it my all but I was probably 10x too short of impressing the interviewer enough and so they told me right then and their I wasn’t going to meet their needs.

And then later in the morning at work, just I was on my way to a meeting to greet the person they’ve hired to replace me I got a phone call.  Oh yes, they’ve hired someone to replace me.  They need me so bad that they can’t afford to let my position got empty.  In fact the position is so hard to do they badly need me to train my replacement to do what took me about 6 months to learn.  They want me to teach my replacement to be 6x a faster learner than I was!  Ouch that hurts!

Oh yeah so as I was about to leave my office to go to this meeting which I was so badly dreading, I get a phone call telling me the result of a fantastic job interview I had a week ago.  I was so sure I was going to get a job offer.  The person on the phone answered in a friendly voice starting off with “we really thank you for your time …. “oh no that’s a setup introduction for the sucker punch in the stomach line that’s about to come”  And then the person follows up with “we offered this position to another candidate”  Ouch.  OUch.  Ugg Ummph.

I was devastated.  This phone call was the call back from the job which was supposed to be my fallback safety net job if I couldn’t get another job.  It was supposed to be the easy sure thing job.  And I didn’t get it!  So now the reality of getting layed off by the end of May is setting in.

Sigh.  I really need to cry.  I’m scared. I’m disillusioned. I’m confused.  I’m in denial.  How could this happen!?

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