Does google control the internet

I have been remiss with Robbie Benwell’s “blogging to the bank”. I mean putting out stale canned blog material can’t make money. Anyway I have put Robbie on the shelf a bit. I do want to give it a fair try and not dismiss it outright. Who knows a canned blog might work. I mean I don’t think I have run across this canned blog anywhere.

So in the meantime I’ve grown interested in Michael Jones’s scheme. Sigh! I didn’t realize I spent another $77 for this. I could have sworn it was only about $30.

Anyway for $77 you get a few hours worth of video with some real meat to it. Michael Jones comes across as very real. He actually gets you to do real math and real marketing analysis using an Excel spreadsheet.

The stuff that really fascinates me is how you make plans to bid for the right to use particular google keywords that boost your ranking in a google search. So you start to see that google is the most popular way to find things on the Internet and what you find is influenced by how much somebody pays google.

So in a way information is organized by the highest bidder. If for example you are looking for secrets to happiness, I could just about corner the Internet, by paying google enough to be listed first on any keyword related to happiness. Given enough money I could just about assure that google always tries to direct you to my website.

I wonder if there was once a time that web searches were based upon a genuine search for the best information. Now web searches are based upon the best financed and promoted information.

I read about a case where an Internet business attempted to sue google, because google changed the rules of how it ranked website information resulting in some websites dropping out of the listings. Google won the lawsuit on the argument that they are trying to make sure that the truly revelant information gets ranked the highest. So google does have a fundamental altruistic goal of trying to deliver the most revelant information. However, it has an obligation to maximize profits by allowing the it’s paying advertisers to influence the ranking.

So anyway I’m about half way thru watching the Michael Jones videos. All I can say is you get very good information on what to set up. Definitely much more nitty gritty detail than Robbie. Michael Jones also emphasizes that you should try out and believe in the products you decide to sell. He touts that his plan will blow away competing blog based businesses. And his videos start to show you why. You don’t make fluff websites, you find out the product you believe in and then you tell your personal true success story with the product. In other words there us no magic, you do real earnest work.

Also you see clearly how you can easily be running a website with some $300 a day in google ranking costs. So its important that once I turn on my blogging website I need to be concious if I’m losing money rapidly.

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