Half-Way thru Michael Jones Get Rich Online Videos

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I’ve been fairly stressed the past few days.  Virginia’s been struggling, feeling bad about herself and she’s been a bit more critical of me.  I work much of my life professionally in front of many computer screens and Virginia makes me conscious of that fact.  This tends to discourage me from spending time in front of the computer on my off hours, which kind of tends to work against doing things like trying out internet based businesses or even writing in a blog.

Anyway I’m now about 1/2 way thru all of Michael Jone’s videos.  He continues to be very real.  He makes it clear that you need to budget an advertising budget of $500 a day.  $500 a day!  That’s a lot of money to spend!  That means when I turn on my website with advertising I need to watch things daily or risk going broke

But $500 a day does sound very real.  If you were to open up a restaurant you’d be spending more than $500 a day, not to mention the initial outlay to buy the restaurant business.  With Michael Jone’s my outlay so far has only been he $77 to buy the package.

Anyway I need to sign off now.  Last night I stayed up really late singing Karaoke on our small Karaoke machine.  So I’m about ready to fall asleep on this keyboard.  Good night.

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