Slacking off, Sort of

View from my hotel room

View from my hotel room

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So I’m definitely amiss in my blogging progress. OK I admit it sounds like a bad excuse but I’m in the Bahamas for the week. This was a trip planned by Virginia’s sister to celebrate my Mother-in-law’s 80th birthday. It was a one of thoses once on a lifetime opportunities to spend some quality time with the rest of Virginia’s family. But it was also a prime opportunity to open up child hood wounds. ┬áLet me tell you I spent many days and late nights up with Virginia as she went thru lots of her emotions concerning the criticisms of her Mom and issues with her sister. These are the kinds of emotions that can wear one out into becoming a TIRED middle aged man. I had visions of my wife fretting with excitement, next crying, next furious, moody, and me starting to get paralyzed with indecision as to how to best support her. So I definitely had reservations.

Anyway a few hours before our plane was to take off she started yelling at me that I always take my laptop with me, that I was trying to do work on my vacation. I have to admit the laptop was partly for work. At my job, I’m kind of the 24/7 technical support. So I sort of wanted the capability to handle an emergency at my Hotel room if I got an emergency phone call on my cell. Any while I was half sleeping Virginia’s ranting got me thinking:

“You know I guess she’s right. I guess I’m starting to become one of those workaholic techo geeks that works on their vacation. Plus it is kind of a pain lugging a laptop around. You never know if airport security might decide to confiscate it. And when I’m in the Hotel room I’ll always have to check it in with the bell hop to protect it from theft when I’m out of the room since the Hotels waive all responsibility for items left in your room. Taking in and out of luggage checking can be a real pain. Besides I’ll have my trusty iPhone to blog from.”

While sitting at the terminal in Philadelphia waiting to board the plane my wife is in better spirits and she asks “where’s your laptop?”. I told her I left it behind trying to let go of tech toys and their enevitable draw to make you work. She replies: “It wasn’t because of me?”

Anyway, I’m taking time out to blog about my time out as I think about the fact that I could be watching the rest of the Michael Jones videos on making money with Click Bank. Right now I’m lying in a heavily discounted but still very expensive room at The Cove in the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas overlooking the ocean.

This place has a ton of water activities and for some reason I’m compelled to not move and just sink in a couch by the balcony or lie on the bed soaking in the ambience of aqua water, a gentle ocean breeze, clear sunny skies, and the lull of waves making parts of my body seem to get weak, revealing stored up stress and fatigue. The hotel gave me free passes to golf and then time with the dolphins and I honestly wouldn’t mind just slouching forever in the bed just staring at the panoramic ocean view thru my eyelids. This is an ambience and sight that pictures just can’t seem to capture.

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