Returning from vacation

Well now I’m on a plane headed back to Philadelphia. Since I’ve been away from home I’ve still kept in email contact, and I’ve watched both Robbie Benwell and Michael Jones send me a handful of emails each trying to get me to bite on yet something even newer and more exclusive than the blogging packages I already bought from them. Because they both seem relentless in sending me emails I start to feel skeptical. I mean is this how they make money, by constantly pitching you a better opportunity to make money. They both already sold me on the superiorness of the package they already sold me. Why are they selling me something better? Was I just a sucker in buying what I already have? I mean if they are teaching me to follow how they sell by emails, and I’m only starting to feel more skeptical with each new email pitch, I would only expect my prospective blogging customers be just as skeptical.

So for now I’m going to still try and stick the course and complete Michael Jones’s videos and get my blog/marketing website setup.

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