Finally finished watching all the Michael Jones videos

So after maybe some 2.5 months I finished going thru 5 hours of videos.  So let’s see how slow I’m moving along.  Let’s say I was super driven and diligent, I should have been able to watch all 5 hours in one day.  That’s the pace Michael Jones optimistically projects, when he talks about you being able to get your blogging business up and running within about a week.  So I took about 10 weeks, or 70 days to do a job that a very diligent person could do in 1 day.  That means I’m 70 times slower than the very diligent person that the training videos tend to think of.  So at my 70 times slowed down pace I can hope to get my affiliate marketing blogging website selling stuff in 70 weeks, or nearly 1.5 years!

So after watching the 6th and final part of his blogging videos it does start to make me think a bit.  In his videos he describes major steps like:

1) Scanning thru websites selling products and looking for products you might like to sell.

2) Working with keyword ranking tools from places like google to get a sense of what key words are most likely to draw people.

3) Setting yourself up to buy traffic by paying google per click to achieve a particular ranking level.  This is the part that is the scariest because you absolutely need to be very diligent because each day that you get too busy to attend to your website at this point can make you lose $500 or more a day!!

4) Join social networks and get yourself publicity by actively participating and posting links back to your website.  And include the use of particular keywords in your posts.

5) Join online forums and discussion groups and do the same kind of stuff as in #4 above.  At some point consider hiring other people to make posts for you to generate traffic.

So I’d say for the moment given that I’m moving at a snails pace #3 above might be beyond my capability.  Possibly doing #4 or #5 may be more doable.  But at the same time I really need to find a way to dedicate more time.  Let’s say for example I want to get my first website up in 8 weeks instead of 70 weeks.  I would need to pick up he pace 10 fold.  Well all this thinking is making my head hurt.  For now I’ll celebrate the fact that I finished watching the videos and maybe 50% of the information stuck.  The next step that Michael Jones recommends is to watch the videos again, take notes, and do the work after each module.

On other fronts I’m moving along nicely with Nutrisystem.  Not the affiliate marketing of their products, but my actual dieting.  I stepped on the scale a couple days ago and celebrated as I tipped the scale at around 179 pounds.  I was so happy that last night I ate out with Virginia and had most of a turkey dinner, with stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes along with a nice salad with a chicken breast, eggs, and grated cheese.  I had most of a pina colada, parts of a cream puff dessert.  What I ate was maybe equivalent to 4 days of Nutrisystem food (I mean 4 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks).  All I can say was it felt great!  I ate the way I used to eat when I was maybe 21 years old.  I ate a lot of food, did not feel stuffed and my pants were not tight.  And I could have eaten more.

Anyway I’m back sticking the the Nutrisystem diet. As far as becoming an affiliate, things are frustrating, mostly because I’m 70 times slower than a person who was very diligant in becoming an affiliate of Nutrisystem.  The person I had contacted by email to get me approved is no longer responding to my emails.  And in my LinkShare account it says I need to way maybe another 20 days before I can reapply.

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