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I finally got back to look at my LinkShare account and verified that my name is on the account.  I checked what the problem was.  I had given the Nutrisystem person the wrong Linkshare website ID.  So hopefully now I should be getting my approval from Nutrisystem.  As far as my weight loss progress I’m at about 183 pounds.  Not too bad considering I slacked off exercising and had been eating things like whole steaks and pastries over the weekend.  So let me get off the Nutrisystem talk and back on to the Michael Jones course on making money online thru affliliate marketing.

I finally finished watching part 5 of 6 of Michael Jones videos. He introduces methods of generating traffic to a website that doesn’t involve paying google money.  All I can say is that I am definitely learning a lot, but a lot of what I’ve heard has long faded from memory.  After I get thru part 6 of 6 in the videos, I might have to watch all six parts 2 more times before this entire course starts to stick.  Once again all I can say is that something seems just “not right” about setting these web based businesses.  Not that something is illegal or unethical.  It’s more that something seems surreal, superficial, too virtual so as to make you dissociate from reality.

From what I’m gathering a big part of the techniques of publicizing a website is to join some type of social networking website.  And then join websites that rank, reference or categorize those websites.  And then join websites that rank, reference or categorize the websites that rank, reference and categorize websites.  There seems to be an endless alphabet of networking, and publicizing portals on the internet and it keeps growing and feeding upon itself.  I’m talking about: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and the whole list that you see below:


That’s about 46 different portals I need to be on top of to be on top of things.  My head is spinning. In fact it’s far past spinning in a daze and just plain overwhelmed, tired, and feeling old.  And I know the Michael Jones video mentions some other social networking, internet networking websites that aren’t part of the above list.  I guess every month or someone invents another new couple of new things to act into the alphabet soup mess.  I mean are there really people out there that keep up with stuff?

So this is what I mean when I say that something about all this seems “not right”

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