Rejected as affiliate of Nutrisystem and Dried Pizza

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So after a couple of days it happens, I get a rejection email from Nutrisystem.  They don’t like me because one of a dozen different reasons and they wont tell me which one?  I start to think maybe I’m bad mouthing them too much?  Do you have to lie and tell pretty fairy tale stories of how nutrisystem saved your life?  But the email did follow up and offered to allow me to send appeals to a particular email address.  I do that and the person replies they don’t see my name listed on the linkshare account I signed on with.  I sigh with frustration, another kind of computer snaffu with the linkshare sign up process.  So anyway I had to make a decision on how to spend my precious worn out energy:  should I hassle thru linkshare to make sure my name is on my account and to convince Nutrisystem my name is on my account or should I just enter into my blog.  I’ve been remiss too long so I elected to forego the getting my Nutrisystem affliation approval for now.

So anyway things at work have gone way over the top in demands.  A typical day is getting up at 7:30 AM with an emergency phone call, text message or email about this a website being down.  I scramble to get online to diagnose the problem.  I rush to work to consult with my boss, spend all day diagnosing the problem and figuring out the fix, and then go home in the evening to prepare to install the fix.  On the way home I get another emergency message.  I turn around to go back to work.  When I do get back home, I scarf down a nutrisystem dinner.  One nice thing about nutrisystem dinners is that they heat up in the microwave in just over a minute so you can eat a hot cooked meal, drinks and dessert in under five minutes!  Then I brace for time on the website at around midnight, install the fix and go to bed.  The next morning I wake up at 7:30 and find that I have emergency phone messages, text messages and emails waiting for me announcing the website is down again.

Meanwhile after about 2 weeks of routines like this, Virginia is starting to get upset.  She complains that my work is taking up all my time.  I have to agree it is dominating my time.  For the first time I’m looking at about 2 – 3 weeks of stored up vacation that I have to take or forfeit.  Man I’m about to turn into one of the many workaholic workers where paid vacations are silly games where you have to figure out how to put in an extra 8 to 12 hours of work to make up for each day of paid vacation you take.

So anyway this one day I pick out a dinner out of my big box of Nutrisystem meals


It looks pretty good on the box, especially that melted cheese.  When I pull out the pizza I’m greeted with something a bit comical.  It looks like a freeze dried wheat pitta with nothing on it.


I complain to Virginia about this poor excuse for a pizza.  But then I quiet down and follow the instructions to make my own pizza.  I spread the packet of tomato paste, then sprinkle the packet of grated cheese, and stick in the toaster oven.  In the end I have to say it’s not all that much different than a small slice of frozen pizza, so all in all not quite as enticing in taste as the words “THICK CRUST PIZZA” might suggest, but OK.

Oh yes I’ve been deviating a bit more. One day I ended up trading off nutrisystem breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack for some of  my very tasty pasta, oil and garlic topped off with a nice portion of my addictive olive oil cooked crunchy garlic chicken breast chunks.  Mmmmm!  Mmmm!  The next day I snacked on a quarter of an Italian sub.  Another time I had a little Malaysian style curry chicken.  My weight loss seems to be staying stuck between 184 to 186 pounds — a bit discouraging.

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