FYI: I'm starting on Nutrisystem Diet

Oh by the way a few days ago I started on the Nutrisystem Diet.  I know I know another missed opportunity to make money for mentioning their name.  I should be putting up a logo with a link to their website and getting paid for it.  Anyway, what has taken me back is how SMALL the portions are.  When you start they ship you a big box of food.  It turns out that this big box has to last for 5 weeks.  Each food item is labeled, breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

Breakfast looks something like 4 to 5 spoons of dry cereal and then add one banana of my own and one glass of fat free milk.  Uggh, did I eat anything?  Lunch and Dinner are as well proportionally tinier than I had expected.  And on top of this they recommend that you excercise daily.  Well I can see that if I stick with this plan without cheating too much (yes I have snacked on things a bit, BUT I’M HUNGRY!), then I will definitely lose weight.

So I started off at 195 lbs and now I’m down to 187 pounds. Pretty good hugh?  But as I recall the first few pounds are easy to lose because you just started to experience some hunger and if you just started picking up your exercise it’s likely water pounds that you lost.  It’s the next week or two that will really tell things.

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