Getting back on the wagon: but work is crazy

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At my work when it rains it pours.  It seems like all kinds of errors or possible misconfigurations are coming out of the wood work because so many more people in our company are using our website.  I’m getting hit with more emergency, urgent, calls or emails.

Anyway I did force myself to take 30 minutes out of my time off to catch up on Michael Jones videos.  I’m now in the 5th out of 6th set of videos.  Why does this feel so arduous?

Some immediate immediate impressions is this program is NO piece of cake.  It takes hours of dedicated work to digest and practice.  One of he scary parts is where you turn on you website and turn on the part that pays google money for each time someone searches for something on google, they find you and click thru to your website.  You are supposed to budget $500 a day for this and if you don’t watch it carefully and it goes awry you could be making nothing and in the hole $500 a day until you get online and shut down your runaway train website!  I mean I get distracted by something and I’ve been out of touch for a week.  That’s a $3500 bill for falling asleep!

This time I learn about handling failure conditions.  Like if you suffer what’s termed a google SLAP.  Once Google determines that your website is for making money they ramp up your advertisement costs 10 to 50 x larger.  So to stay as busy you need to shell out $5000 to $25,000 a day!!  When this happens you have to abandon your website and start over from scratch. The videos also describe how you should consider writing one 450 word article a day.  So for each website I put up I need to spend a few hours a day doing research on material to fill out an article that I write.  Man this sounds like a 12 hour a day job.  The pitch that is being sold to me in these videos is that it takes hard work in the beginning but once you get going and start getting experienced it becomes much easier.  In Michael Jones words: “This is what will separate the Men from the Boys” when it comes to this business of affliliate marketing

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