Getting a bit discouraged with Robbie Benwell

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Actually, I paid $27 not $29 for Robbie’s package.  I supposedly got a $10 discount of the regular $37 price.   I started listening to the Robbie Benwell videos.  One thing that is discouraging is that much of the videos are actually available free.  You just need to know the web address.  The only thing you don’t get is possibly his template of files.  The basic premise of the get rich online schemes I’m looking at have to do in someway with making a website, attracting people to it and putting something like Google advertisement on it and making a commission off the products being advertised.

Back to Robbie’s videos.  His package is called “Blogging to the Bank”.  For $27 what you get is a PowerPoint slide of Robbie’s secrets, a blog template with content, and an a never ending set of emails with tips, sort of.  Some of those email tips get you to see someone else’s success story and product ultimately getting you to buy their product.  That’s what got me to buy another product sold by someone named Michael Jones.

Hmm. An epiphany arose.  When Robbie sends me an email referring me to someone else’s website, it’s got to be actually his website or else how would Robbie be making money out of giving me an email referral.  Hmmm.  Anyway I continue.

So with Blogging to the Bank you’ll be serenaded by a series of emails stretched out over several days giving you links to his free videos.  They cover the content in his PowerPoint slides but give a much better explanation.  Each video is under 10 minutes long and you’ll see about 5 of them.  So if you’ve got attention deficit disorder you’ll manage to finish the videos before getting distracted.

Here’s where it gets discouraging.  First of all the stuff is kind of techie feeling.  It feels a bit more like I’m talking to one of my computer guru workers showing me how to configure an ASP .NET website.

“What you mean you don’t know how to set up an ASP .NET website?  Well it’s easy you just go to and download an eval version of VS 2008 and blah blah blah”

Did I just lose you there?  If I did then that’s a bit of the flavor of how it feels when watching Mr. Benwell’s videos.  So once you manage to get over the techie anxieties, there’s the basic premise of his instructions.  He shows you how easy it is for you to come up with you own blog, gives you two money making ebooks for you to sell royalty free, and then gives you the blog content.

So I’m going to put up a “fake” blog, where there’s several days content already written and I just post them to make it feel like a real blog.  But what happens when the “fake” content runs out?  And there are maybe thousands of others with the same “fake” content.  So that means there are probably blogs with identical content.

Then the final kicker.  I read the one of his bonus books titled: “Update Report”  And it’s got a 2006 copyright.  If 2006 is the update then that means I’m using a package that’s fairly old.  Somewhere out there’s a legacy of the cookie cutter blogs with same content?  Maybe.  I can’t say I’ve seen them, but the internet’s a big place.

But let me not lose faith yet.  I’d like to give his plan a shot anyway.  Giving each scheme it’s full chance is my intent.  If after I give it the full due diligence and it fails then I can give it a thumbs down.  Who knows with billions of people out there it might just work.  I’ve seen people buy things on Ebay for more than if they bought it from a store.  So even if it doesn’t quite make sense it could still actually work.

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