Signed on with Two Get Rich Schemes

Well not too long ago I got this junk mail from a Robbie Benwell and signed up to read his presentation on how to get rich blogging.  It cost me $29. As a result of signing up, I now get emails from Robbie almost every day describing yet one more money making scheme to look at and consider buying. It’s definitely get money rich scheme overload! Well anyway I followed one of these emails from Robbie and ended up purchasing another product called Click Bank Code on how to make money selling products that are sold on a website called click bank.  And now I get emails from this Click Bank Code money making scheme.

So I’m now guilty of juggling two get rich making money online schemes at the same time. I started watching some of the that Robbie Benwell had and feels like Robbie assumes that you are already a internet technical geek so he can throw at you technical jargon.  I also started watching instructional videos on the Click Bank Code product.  The speaker, Mike Jones, sounds very knowledgable.

There’s a lot of material.  And it does sound like a lot of work.

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