I finally got a Click Bank account

Oh this is sad.  I have to admit I’m disappointed with my progress here.  About a week ago I invested maybe 5 to 10 minutes in getting my Click Bank account established.  Now, I’m officially capable of  earning money off products sold by Click Bank.  You just need to click the right products for me to earn money.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention I’m not signed on for any products so to save the time could you just look for the product you like, sign me up to sell the product your interested in, set up a website for me and then visit that website and then buy the product.  Aaaaaahhhh!

But seriously the only thing that was significant was discovering the great variety of products.  It’s definitely overwhelming what’s out there.  A lot of it is interesting.  There seems to be enough diversity here that I’d think any person could find something there that resonates with them enough that they could make a sales pitch.

Note that all products managed by click bank are electronic only. It could be an e-book, some audio recordings, movies or software so don’t bother looking for an LCD TV here.  Also note that you usually don’t buy direct from click bank.   Click bank only cares about managing the transaction.  They expect others to do the selling directly to you.

The next step for me would be selecting one or products to sell.  This feels like it will take maybe 3 hours if I gave it 100%. I don’t have anywhere near 100% of my time available.  So how long will it take for me?  Will I move so slow that by the time I put up my website will the product be discontinued?  Will you find my skeleton in front of a computer screen with cobwebs draped?

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