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To all. We’ll I’m finally here for no one to see. I’m sitting in front of my computer mid Saturday and I’m feeling really sleepy. Boy I could sleep. So much for first impressions on my reading community of which there is none.

Anyway getting back to business. A couple weeks ago I decided to get more serious about looking into making money thru blogging. It seems that there is a whole ton of people trying to sell you some book or instructions on how to make money by putting up blog with advertisements, with the advertisers paying you a commission for a successful sale made thru your adverstisement.

But as I got into it, things seemed a whole lot more technical and difficult then I had expected. This is coming from someone who is supposedly very good at computers. I’m a professional software developer and I have been doing software for about 20 years. I used to teach advanced Java language programming in addition to doing my full time job. So what in world is happening to me that I seem so small in this world of computer technology?!

When I was 12 I prided myself in being able to hook up the video tape recorder to the TV and program the recording of TV shows. I could set the time of almost any digital clock or watch. I knew how to operate almost any feature of the remote. Many years later when the DVD player came out I started to get a little befuddled. Pressing play no longer meant play, it meant step 1 of several steps. Sometimes pressing play meant you get to a menu of things that you can select using an up or down arrow on your remote. Sometimes pressing play meant you got a nasty message like: “operation not permitted” Sometimes pressing stop did the same thing. And each DVD movie you put in behaved differently so you were required to turn your brain on to decide what’s the best thing to select. Do you want subtitles? What language in subtitles? What language in audio? Do you want the long version? Do you want outtakes? And so DVD’s in my opinion were and continue to be more difficult to operate then they should be. But no one else is complaining much so it must be me. Am I growing dumber with age?

I get my wife the non computer person to set the time on digital clocks and watches. I often leave the operation our Verizon Fios remote control to her as well. Yet I know how to set up websites and configure esoteric things like domain name servers. Maybe the reason I can do some pretty complex computer stuff yet in some technical areas be dumb must be because there is some layer of gray that wraps around your brain when you approach 40 years of age. No longer can your brain absorb new learnings. Your brain is closed and so if you encounter something you’ve never seen before, an infant with an open brain has an edge over those of us middle aged men with retiring grey matter between the ears wrapped up in layer of learning resistant material. I learned how to setup websites some 15 years ago before the learning resistant layer. The DVD and Fios came after this layer was starting to set in.

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