A bit more of how I got to be tired

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Anyway enough rambling about the aging of my brain.

For the past couple of years I’ve on and off looked at ways to break out of the same 9 to 5 job working for someone else. When I was in my early twenties I was instilled with the goal to prove myself as a successful entreprenuer. My mother, father, all my uncles started as employees in a corporation then left to start businesses of their own and all reached millionaire level status. One of my cousins was in computers and sold a patent for a million dollars and started his own technology business. My grand father was a multiple-millionaire in China, and my great grand father was a mega multi millionaire in China. All this precedent set me up to prepare to leave my job from the very first day I was employed.

In 1989 when I started working, I looked at technology success entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Micheal Dell, Larry Ellison and Bill Gates and I dreamed of making my success. I mean I esteemed myself as a very bright and talented computer person. I was definitely a geek, hacker type. I was 23 and I set my goal to be a millionaire by the time I reached 30.

Well today I’m 42 (more like 42.99) and I’m still working for the same company I started with in 1989. Believe me I had tried maybe a dozen attempts to achieve financial independence, but you see no matter how talented or smart you are to be successful you kind of have to have commitment. Every computer/Internet success story was preceeded by a very driven effort to capitalize on an opportunity or vision. Hard work doesn’t mean success, but a willingness to work hard is necessary. I guess for me other things came before working hard to get rich. Like courting the woman who was to become my wife. Awww you say. Yes in a way, but it’s been a tough set of years. Maybe you to have gone thru hardships. For me these hardships combined with my willingness to not fight back sort of made me numb, allowed my energy to leak away until I entered depression. You can read a taste of this part of my journey at wakundama.

I have learned a lot. Despite the hardship those times deeply matured my spirituality. I consider myself deeply spiritual. I even wrote a book on spirituality. But for a long time I’ve been troubled with the fact that bring spiritual should somehow be at odds with making money. I think with most people the more money you make the harder it is to be spiritual. But I’m finding that I’m not like most people and so things are often opposite for me. So in some strange inexplicable way now making money is supposed to my next spiritual step. Walking the path of shameless superficial profiteering somehow is a calling. Actually I think part of this calling is for me to share thru way of a blog this journey of a spiritual man thru just doing what so many of us try to do, make more money.

So I welcome you to come along for the ride. A ride to make money. I have no expectations. I may lose money, I may make money, but I have fun sharing and maybe you gain something be it learning more about the reality of making money or simply experiencing one more shining beautiful star in a sea of beauty known as humanity.

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