Now focusing on how to become financially independent

A few weeks ago Virginia and I saw the movie Julie and Julia. The character Julie decides to dedicate one year of her life going thru each recipe in Julia Child’s book. Sort of crazy idea with lots of heart that drew lots of attention, turned into a book and the movie itself.

Sort what’s left for a tired middle aged man left to do for excitement. Go crazy! Then came to me as I was reading thru the umpteenth get rich scheme junk email. Instead of cooking food from a recipe book I’ll go and try each of these silly money making schemes in earnest from start to finish. I get to share my experiences, struggles and learning and what the heck one of these schemes might actually work. I might actually make money. Stranger things have happened. What the heck let’s go for it!  In most case all I have to lose is around $30 (most of these offers were $30 or less) and my time (by far the most costly part).

The only thing left is to try and set up some ground rules or else it’s not very interesting.  I mean if Julie in her blog said I’ll go thru some of the recipes in the cookbook whenever she can then it’s no longer interesting. But with trying out money making schemes I can’t exactly promise to do one scheme a day.  I just need to set a pace that keeps me actively blogging on a daily basis as much as possible.  It’s got to be a base that is somewhat challenging but realistic so that I don’t disappoint readers (so far just me) or myself.  Well many of these get rich schemes have a 30 to 60 day return policy.  So let’s say for now my goal is to try out one new get rich scheme every month until further notice.

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