It’s hard to sell popular items on eBay

Up until about 6 months ago I would have said that it was a breeze selling an iPhone on eBay.  It’s such a hotly contested item, that usually no one will even see your listing until it has only a few hours left before going off auction.  That’s because there are so many iPhones being sold.  And they all end up going for much more than you would think.  They sell for so much of a premium that you could almost run a business buying new iPhones and reselling them on eBay at a slight profit, even with the penalties the cell phone company will hit you with for not getting a contract or canceling a contract.

Well I just put up my 1.5 year old iPhone 3GS, it sold for a whopping $405, but the buyer is not responding to my requests to pay.  A little further research shows they just became members of eBay only a few hours before they placed the single winning bid. Oh no! Not again.  It sounds like yet another prank or fraudulent buyer.  It’s a bogus bidder.

I just started reading about how one person sold his iPhone, received payment, sent out his iPhone only to have the buyer complain that the box was empty with no iPhone.  The buyer complained to eBay.  EBay stepped in, sided with the buyer and took away the money from the seller and returned it back to the buyer. And the buyer didn’t have to return the iPhone because as he claimed, the box came empty.

I have to admit I start to get angry when I hear that kind of news.

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