Oh Geez. I haven’t posted in 4 months!

Well this is hardly an interesting blog, and I’ve been probably the only reader.  That’s pretty bad.

If I was in my early 20’s I might be clicking away trying all kinds of things with lots of reserve energy.  But I think what happens is that with time you inevitably seek out the things in life that can truly sustain the core essence of you. When you’re younger you have more time, and more physical bounce in your body that you can tolerate ventures that look nice on the outside but drain you on the inside.  But after some time if you can’t find some key things to sustain you, your “youth” reserves run empty and you become tired in you middle ages. So me being tired is also a sign of inevitable awakening, a having to let go of superficialities, and a deepening in with the realness of the present world.

Anyway,  I lot of my time has been invested in my work as a student of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing based out of Miami.   As of this time I’ve been to the school 3 times now and have done energy healings on 12 clients with generally positive feed back from my clients.  I also don’t seem to have too much problem finding clients.  So with me being only 1/8th of the way thru my schooling and feeling this level of success, it feels encouraging that in 4 years I might actually be able to stop my corporate job and work full time as an energy healer.

There is one catch though to that conclusion.  Currently I don’t charge clients because I’m still a student.  So when it’s free that’s one less reason someone won’t turn you down to be a client.  But just the same it’s still a big deal that someone wants to be a client even for free, because energy healing the Barbara Brennan way is a bit of an intimate form of therapy, as it’s a bit like seeing a psychologist and a massage therapist for about 90 minutes straight.  So I find that some people, usually more men, are uncomfortable with this.

The other thing to consider is that at my current pace I only have time to see on average 2 clients a month.  So it’s hardly a challenge to drum up business if you only need to get 2 clients a month.  So I can’t say I really tested the waters of how well I could find enough clients to give me a steady sustainable income comparable to my current salary and benefits.

But alas I’m still a freshman so I feel little expectations.  And what’s more encouraging is that when I do healings I actually gain energy.  I can go into a session a bit emotionally disturbed and almost not wanting to do a healing, and then a few minutes into the healing I enter the zone, and soon I’m in awe and surprisingly the client is feeling so much better and relaxed.  So it’s like we both get healed from the healing.  This stuff is great!

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