Saying "no more" to Michael Jones Junk Mail

Well anyway, more of cold reality is starting to settle in about this blogging venture. If you were to google references to Michael Jones you’d find out some disparaging remarks about his program to make money thru blogging. Despite the disparaging remarks I have to say that there is still something about his program or any program that offers you a way to make money in connection to blogging. It’s the fact that it works for real or else you wouldn’t see advertisements scattered across web pages and companies like Google wouldn’t end up becoming one of the wealthiest companies in the world.

When I listen to the Michael Jones videos there is real genuine information here. So to that extent I don’t consider these programs scams.

However, where I think they start to enter the arena of scams is when they try to buy the same information over and over again. I can’t say for sure though they are selling the same information, because I didn’t buy more of Micheal Jone’s programs. Basically because I don’t have the time.

You see when you buy one of these programs you also sign up to be on a mailing list and will get hit with about one email a day encouraging you to have attention deficit disorder, drop what your doing and look at some other amazing video or story about someone who’s made a ton of money online using a technique that obsoletes the program you are now trying hard to work on. And then every week or so I get hit with a last minute special opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next new thing in making money. And then another week I get told that there is yet an even newer thing that obsoletes all others.

After weeks of getting told that everything prior is obsolete and I need to pay for more newer information, my trust glazes over. Enough is enough.

So yesterday I started looking at the line at the bottom of each “junk” email I get from Michael Jones as well as the guy who pointed me to Michael Jones (Robbie Benwell) and I click the unsubscribe link and I’m taken to a website to confirm my removal from the mailing list. I’m about to click the button to confirm my removal and then a little voice in me cries like an addict, “No No don’t go away Michael, don’t go away Robbie! I need your daily emails to offer me hope when I fail even though that hope will cost me more money. No No I could be giving up on the true unique once in a lifetime opportunity”

I glance at the website and see that it’s some nameless spamming service that has no affiliation with Michael Jones or Robbie Benwell. There’s even an area where I can sign on other spamming lists. I snap out of it, that little voice of reservation stops and I click the button.

So now I’m on my own. I will still try out the Micheal Jones program, because it makes sense. But know there will be no more annoying junk emails from Michael or Robbie anymore.

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