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So I was about to link my blog to my facebook as it seems that I run into alot of people that are much more likely to read my facebook wall then my blog.  However, it seems that if you have a standard wordpress blog you are locked out from doing things like adding plugins such as the one that auto posts your blog postings into your facebook page.

So I went with a web hosting company called Teksapiens.  It’s been a few days so far since I’ve signed up and things have been problematic and slow going in getting my blogged moved off of the wordpress company to Teksapiens.  My challenge is to migrate my blog and minimize interruption during the switchover.  The basic procedure to do a change over is to first set up an exact working copy of my current blog on a server at Teksapiens.  Once I’m satisfied that the new server is working I adjust some settings with my name service provider and slowly but surely everyone is diverted off of wordpress servers to Teksapien servers.

My only commentary is that it’s been my observation to date that whenever you put a non routine website setup process to a top notch internet service company, they can still stumble and struggle a lot to get you up and running.  So far Teksapiens has somewhat disappointed me in terms of their ability to resolve my technical problems.  But a few months ago I remember signing on with a high end email service provider and I watch how they struggled and hiccupped a few times before they were able to get me working email.

So I’m not going to say Teksapiens is incompetent.  With my job in the field of providing internet related technical support I think it’s just that internet technologies are so complex and fragile.  They work OK if you are willing to accept the default configuration and setup.  But if you deviate slightly they can refuse to work.  I’m presenting Teksapiens with a non default website setup request and it seems to be showing in how much they are struggling to get me up and running.

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