So I am ready to make the switch

This is probably an esoteric thing, but just as an FYI to anyone considering starting a blog.  Initially, you can certainly start off with a free account on any major blogging service, but if you are thinking about some time down the road of ever needing to upgrade or move your blog to another server know that it is going to be very difficult to make the transition seamless.  My day time job is often about making software and hardware upgrades and accomplishing it without users ever noticing it.  So I’m highly motivated to do this whenever possible.

All I can say is that for this my first WordPress blog website I think it is somewhat possible, but it takes a seasoned WordPress administrator guru to do it.  Even if you pay for tech support I seriously doubt you can pull it off without hiccups.  Computer software is generally tested and optimized for “the usual” and “default” kinds of configurations and migrating a website from one server to another is so infrequently done that when someone does find a bug in the process they are too busy to report the solution to the bug, work around the bug, and are happy just to get their website up and running.

But someday, maybe in a year or so, I might know what it takes to do what I’m doing now without hiccups.  But for now I’m forging on ahead.  In the next few hours my website might be out of touch.  Eventually you’ll get to my blog on the new web servers, but with some features missing.  My new web servers have lots of potential features but they are optimized for use after I do the switch over, not before.

So here we go switch over.  See you soon.  Count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 3, 2, …..

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